Event Sharing Made Easy

Event sharing made easy with the forthcoming Eventigo mobile app by Intech Creative LLC. “We redefined the way people will capture and share events, some which previously went un-noticed” stated Bruce T. Dugan, CEO of Intech Creative LLC.

How many times have you stumbled onto an event, or just something of interest where you wanted to notify friends to come join in? Sure, you could construct a broadcast email. But that is laborious. Or you could post it to Facebook, but then friends not in that location are going to be bothered with a notice of an event they can’t attend anyway.

Eventigo solves this problem: you can use the in-app camera/ video and post an event in 15 seconds; the system auto-locates and publishes where the happening is. You can determine whether it notifies only your friend’s list, or also includes the general public. And when people receive the notice, in just seconds they know what it is, where it is, and with one click can call for an Uber cab should they desire to get there quick.


Whether they are friends or not, the only people that will receive an Eventigo notice are those that have that type of event or happening in their preferences, and are in close proximity to the location.

This avoids the annoyance of bothering friends with things they’re not interested in; like all those game requests one receives on Facebook. These filters also take away the burden that senders may otherwise feel — knowing that they can auto-send to all their entire friends list because only those interested and in close proximity will receive it anyway.