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What it Does

Have you ever stumbled upon an event you wanted to shoutout — a street fair, band in the park, a street artist, a protest, a party, or something cool that happened organically –, that you wanted to share?

Now you can. Use the in-App camera/ video and upload, add a title, select a type, insert a short description, and share. It’s that simple. The App will auto-locate and tag the event and notify only those in close proximity to the event.

How It Works

Stumble Onto an event

We’ve all been out and stumbled onto something cool by accident. Now you can share it and notify friends and the general public in close proximity to where it’s happening.

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Post the Event was designed for Right Now event notification. These are not pre-scheduled events, they are events you find at the last minute that you want to create a rave around. Add the photo or video with the built in tool, a title, short description, choose a type (sports, protest, party, rave, etc) — or add your own –, and post

Instant Sharing

The App will auto locate the event for you, then auto-share notifications to your friends, and/or the general public; those in close proximity to where you are. it will also auto-share to your social walls and the website.

Group Rave

Events are typically more fun with a crowd, so use to create one!


Behind The App

Bruce T. Dugan
Bruce T. Dugan

Bruce T. Dugan

CEO and Product Author

Product UI, functionality, and business development..
Mario Delfino
Mario Delfino

Mario Delfino


Chief software architect, technical team leader and innovator.
Nihanth Kandimalla
Nihanth Kandimalla

Nihanth Kandimalla

Director of IT

Website developer and IT server administrator.

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Event Sharing Made Easy

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